how to make a plaster face mask
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Making a Self-Mask

Everything you need to know about making a mask whether it is on your own, for uses in the classroom, for ceremony, art therapy, press molding, and for making a mask of yourself, a loved one, or in a classroom or group!

It's easier than you might imagine! And I'm quite sure that you'll be surprised at how powerful a self-discovery this process can be.

By popular demand after a my national TV interview on Home & Garden, I created and published this DVD. People have said it's the best, step-by-step tool available for creating masks, using the plaster bandage technique and its endless array of applications. I know it will get your inspired and ready to just do it :)

Here is a YouTube trailer showing clips from the DVD: Making a Self-Mask: a Step-By-Step Demonstration. Get ready to begin the journey...

Welcome to the creative self-expression of mask making. The possibilities are endless...

PURCHASE DVD (also available in digital download)

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master mask-maker, spiritual teacher and author: Remembering Who You Really Are

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how to make a life face mask plaster of paris

In this video, master mask-maker, Ronda LaRue will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know to create your own life mask, including an array of creative applications.  Approx. 40 minutes



  1. Intro: Materials Used and Mixing the Plaster
  2. Applying Plaster to Face  (step-by-step)
  3. Decorating tips and ideas
  4. Making a Press Mold
  5. TV Interview with Artist/Mask-Maker Ronda LaRue: Home & Garden, Carol Duvall Show
  6. Slide Show: Gallery of Ideas